who we are
Established in 1983 as Celadon Imports, we started as an importer of giftware before transitioning to manufacturing framed prints and mirrors. We developed a unique style of creative framing and continued to evolve.

Today, Celadon Art is an established art house, creating exclusive high-end images that are designed, printed, and manufactured on site. We search the world for inspiration to create our outstanding selection of artwork and our award-winning design studio produces a broad range of stunning and memorable framed art.

creative team

Celadon Studio is the in-house creative team at Celadon Art. Our multi-disciplinary team specializes in combining traditional art techniques with digital technology to create mixed media works. The studio is committed to the highest levels of quality whether we are producing originals, composing new images from our library of assets, or elevating historical works.


The designs created by our Celadon Studio team are exclusive to Celadon Art. Our unique style is born from a combination of elements:

  • Nuanced understanding of art history and the context surrounding our work
  • Careful consideration of the most important trends in the worlds of art and design
  • A measured amount of forecasting what’s just beyond the cutting edge
  • And our own creative flair – informed by the diverse contributions of our team members

market pulse

Our creative minds are deeply invested in creating the right images for every release. This means catering to the latest developments in the worlds of art and décor as well as looking ahead to what’s next. We have a proven history of successfully matching trends, creating timeless works, and reaching just far enough into the avant-garde.

our process

As the images are created, our process always follows the path of highest quality. Original works are photographed and scanned to exacting standards, and every detail is preserved. This allows us to produce the sharpest eye-catching realism at any size. Our methods allow us to layer more traditional art elements on top of digital creations and vice-versa.

The manufacturing process is informed by the creative vision of our designs – from the selection of materials to the finest embellishments. Every piece is created by hand in our facility in Burlington Ontario. Quality wood mouldings are cut to order; prints are produced on demand and carefully finished by hand; and every step is executed to meet our highest standards.

curated collections and series

Historical art is an important part of our line. Based on our knowledge of art history, we are able to extract the very best material to embody our intended look. We then subtly enhance the artwork to look both classic and fresh.
Our Curated Collections are of particular note: Judiciously curated from throughout history, and unified with a common theme. These collections are designed so that any combination of images from one collection will work together beautifully. Series are an important aspect of the art we create. Cohesive images that can be hung individually or collected together to form a harmonious look.

We truly are in love with art! From all genres and periods of history. Celadon Art is always looking to the future. It holds so much potential for great opportunities to create new art and forge new relationships.

© Celadon Art