Natural Organics: Textured Neutrals

Calming Neutrals Are Always In

Neutral palettes are a popular choice when it comes to designing our spaces. They’re timeless and help to create a calming effect. They also provide a subdued background to emphasize other elements, whether it be an artwork or a fantastic piece of furniture. When deciding on a colour scheme for a space, a neutral palette has many benefits:

Calming Atmosphere

Neutral colours like whites, creams, ivories, greys, browns, black, and taupe, have a calming effect when utilized in interior design. They often combine together in a cohesive way that’s gentle on the eyes and makes for a peaceful space.

Playful Décor

As mentioned above, choosing a neutral palette allows other elements of your design to take center stage. You can be a little more adventurous with accent pieces, textures, and décor when you’re backdrop is comprised of subdued neutrals. The neutrals will also help unique pieces stand out more, making focal points more impactful.

Bright and Airy

Neutrals are also a great way to brighten up a space. Lighter colours like cream, beige, white, and taupe will reflect more light in the room, making the most of any natural light and fixtures present in the space.


Neutral palettes allow you to change your mind. You won’t be stuck with a colour palette that’s difficult to change and can simply switch out accessories and décor items as your tastes evolve over time. In this way, neutrals work great as a blank canvas for you to be creative with your décor.

The Beauty’s In the Details

When it comes to our Natural Organic and Natural Organics Dyo series, the neutral palette allows for the textures of the pieces to be the focus. Done on small squares of frayed fabric, the originals hold layers and layers of texture in the form of cracked plaster, paint, canvas, and even 3-dimensional molded shapes. Our prints of these pieces capture the dimension created by these elements and make it seem like the textures are right there for you to touch. Displayed as a raised image with a torn paper edge, these small abstracts are the perfect textural detail to complement a neutral design.

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